The Reconnect Project gives mobile phones to people in need, providing them with the means to (re)connect with family, friends and essential services.

There's an estimated 23 million 'spare' mobile phones sitting in drawers, garages and boxes across Australia - and we're asking Australians to donate them to us. We fix them, securely wipe any data and load them with credit. These phones are distributed to people who need them - be they recently arrived refugees, those fleeing domestic abuse or someone in a transient housing situation who would otherwise have no means of communication with essential services.

The Reconnect Project launched at the Pitch for Good Parramatta event in September 2019. With thanks to City of Parramatta and StartSomeGood, we raised over $5,400 to kickstart our activities and are asking people to donate their old devices to us for repair, data wiping and distribution to people in need.