The Reconnect Project has a straightforward mission: to give old phones and devices a new life.

Established as a social enterprise, The Reconnect Project accepts donations of old and broken mobile phones. We fix them up, pre-load with credit and then give them to people in need: be those who are socially disadvantaged, women escaping domestic violence situations or newly arrived refugees. Some phones are even repurposed as music players for dementia patients in nursing homes.

All donated phones are securely data erased by our technicians of data. We work with a national mobile device repair training centre to have the phones repaired. This could be anything from replacing a screen, to completely rebuilding a phone that's been run over by a truck.  If a phone can't be repaired, then it's stripped for component reuse, giving us a constant supply of spare parts.

We are committed to end-of-life solutions and all non-working components are recycling via Mobile Muster, the national mobile phone recycling program.

In the future, The Reconnect Project plans to provide training and employment opportunities to people in need.